ZELOS Communications creates, produces and directs quality integrated and multi-use video for broadcast, Internet and internal applications. The ZELOS team are committed to focus, clarity and working with professionals who understand the need to communicate clearly and easily in today’s competitive marketplace of social media and in the onslaught of information.

ZELOS offers your organization the means to build customer awareness and loyalty as well as employee and member satisfaction through an array of flexible and cost-effective communication tools. Whether you choose video, available in flexible formats, or an interactive website which contains widgets and continually updated information, the opportunity for immediate and powerful communication is yours.

Kelley Glasner

ZELOS Communications is owned and operated by Kelley Glasner, a recognized television and video production professional with a passion for the business. With more than two decades of industry experience, it’s simple, people like to talk to her, and therefore she brings out their very best stories and helps them feel at ease in front of the camera.

Kelley has worked on-camera as a host and reporter and via Skype reporting crisis news events, and behind it as a producer/director, production manager, writer, researcher and more!

Whether your goal is to inform or educate colleagues in your industry or a complimentary business, the general public or attract new customers, we will work with you closely to ensure your targeted messaging is delivered. And that your mandate is fulfilled, transmitted or packaged in the manner you require.

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ZELOS Communications
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Tel: (416) 930-5925
Web:  http://www.zelos.ca
Email: Kelley@ZELOS.ca